This morning I realized that I forgot to include this information with last nights post about the Club Carlson promo.  I’ve posted about it in the past but it definitely goes hand and hand with the Club Carlson Big Night Giveawaypromotion.  If you don’t already have a Club Carlson account, be sure to sign up through this link and receive 4,500 FREE Carlson Carlson points.  This is a targeted link to E-reward customers that has been circulating around for many months.  That being said, when you register through this link it never asks you for your E-rewards number or anything of that nature.   Even if you aren’t going to participate in the Big Night Giveaway, sign up for a Club Carlson account and grab these FREE 4,500 Club Carlson points.  Award nights start at just 9,000 points.


UPDATE: Reports on Flyertalk indicate this promotion code has expired.  If this offer code doesn’t work you can try:

NSB2K12 code for NEXTSTAY2K promotion
Code for 2,000 points after you next stay.  Not as good but something 

One thought on “4,500 FREE CLUB CARLSON POINTS”

  1. Thanks so much for all you do for us!! Problem I am having right now is that I have signed up for 2 club carlson accounts for my son and daughter-in-law. The accounts say they are restricted,, and am not sure what that means. Have I done something wrong, or is there some one I should contact, or will it likely fix it self?? Thanks again, and am really loving this site

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