Doing some research today, I started looking more closely at Frontier Airlines credit card offer and I was very pleased by what I found.
Here are the card details:
20,000 Bonus Miles after first purchase
15,000 Bonus Miles after spending $750 in 90 days
Up to 10,000 Bonus Miles with balance transfer in the first 90 days. (Don’t really count this option – as you would need to balance transfer $10,000 to earn and their are fees for balance transfers)
Annual fee: $59
(not my affiliate link – direct from Barclay’s site)

If you are like me, you need to know what the 35,000 miles will get you before you know if this offer makes sense for you.  I was very pleased when I reviewed their award chart and also the 80 destinations you can fly with Frontier Airlines.  Check those destinations out here.

So the 35,000 Frontier miles will take you to many destinations in the U.S. and places in Alaska, Mexico, and Costa Rica.  They also offer some non-stop services to Mexico & Costa Rica from certain locations.  The taxes are only $10 for flights within the U.S.  Nice!  Flights outside the U.S. are only $70 in taxes.  Their baggage fees are $20 – reasonable!  Take a look for yourself.


All in all I think this is a nice credit card bonus and cheap ticket to these destinations.  Your total cost would be the annual fee $59 plus your flight taxes.
So here is a break down:

Ticket – U.S. or Alaska
Annual fee: $59
Flight taxes: $10
Total Cost: $69

Ticket – Mexico or Costa Rica
Annual fee: $59
Flight taxes: $70
Total Cost: $129

I don’t think you can beat this price!  It’s not free the way I prefer but it certainly is affordable for the average person.  So if you have good credit, you can use that to your advantage and grab a really cheap flight with Frontier Airlines.  I am considering this offer myself because I have several Chase, American Express and Citibank cards at the moment and I need to branch out to other lenders.  Also, in my area of California Chase, American Express and Citibank all check the same credit report – Experian.  Bummer!  So I want to keep my credit inquires down on that reports.  

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