Do you need some hotel points?  Well, I know I do.  If you aren’t collecting Hilton Honors points, I would highly recommend this hotel chain.  Hilton is one of the top exclusive hotel chains in the world.  They have some incredibly luxurious hotels around the world.  They are rated as one of the top hotel chains by many in the travel industry.   I am currently building up a boat load of Hilton Honors points for our family’s 2012 & 2013 family vacations.  I have a grand plan that I’ll share you with.  My plan will yield a total of 300,000 Hilton Honors points.  This score will bring me up to almost 600,000 points which should be plenty to cover free accommodations for two very nice family vacations in the coming years.
Here’s my plan of attack:

1.  Apply for the Amex Hilton Honors – Best offer currently is 60,000 bonus points  ($750 minimum spend)  No annual fee! (I have already actually applied & received this card but only received a 50,000 point offer.  The current offer is a little better)
2.  Apply for two Hawaiian Airlines cards – 35,000 bonus points each, $79 annual fee & $1,000 minimum spend on both.   Bank of Hawaiian      Bank of America

Once the 70,000 Hawaiian miles have been deposited into my account, I will then call & have those miles transferred to Hilton Honors points at a 1:2 ration resulting in a total of 140,000 Hilton Honors points from both cards.  View the Hilton Honors points transfer partners and ratio here.  Members on Flyertalk confirm the easy transfer on this thread.  Fellow blogger, Million Mile Secrets, Dariaus confirms he has transferred Hawaiian Airline miles to Hilton Honors points in this recent post.

3.  Apply for the Virgin Atlantic American Express from Bank of America.
Offer is for up to 65,000 Virgin Atlantic miles but 50,000 is actually more feasible.  Minimum spend is 2,500.  Annual fee $95.
20,000 on first use
25,000 after $2,500 minimum spend
  5,000 for adding an authorize user
Once the 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles have been deposited in my Virgin Atlantic account, I will then call & have the entire 50,000 miles transferred to Hilton Honors points. This transfer will yield 100,000 Hilton Honors points and add to my big score ensuring a wonderful future vacation for my family.

Summary breakdown of Hilton Honors points after transfers

  60,000 – Hilton Honors Amex
140,000 – Hawaiian Airlines Visas
100,000 – Virgin Atlantic American Express
300,000  Total Hilton Honors points earned
Total Cost
   $0  – Hilton Honors Amex
$160 – Hawaiian Airlines Visas
$ 95 – Virgin Atlantic American Express
Not FREE Hilton Honors points but about the cost of 1 night.  Now I’m off to book my hotels!!!  Hope this plan might help you grow your Hilton Honors account too or jump start your account.  Need a Hilton Honors account, join here  (p.s. – I don’t receive any referral bonus on these credit card offers but I always want to share the best ways I know to grow your miles/points accounts and this is a great plan in my opinion)

3 thoughts on “300,000 HILTON HONORS POINTS FOR THE TAKING!”

  1. Just found your blog and love the strategy! (I have 4 kids so any way to get free travel is fabulous) Do you have any trouble with credit card churn? How often do you cancel these cards that you apply for?

  2. No trouble with credit card churning at all, been doing it for years. The credit card companies keep soliciting you after you cancel. They always want you back. Sometimes you might have to wait a year or so with a particular bank, others just months – for example Citibank. You must be smart though and really keep track of what you are doing. Be sure to check out my post on Recording Keeping. Always check your credit report (some links on the sidebar) every other month. I don't think it's for everyone. If you have huge credit card debt….not for you. If are going to go crazy charging up things and go into debt – not a good idea either. What I do is get the card, meet the requirements for the bonus, then the card goes into my little desk draw. I will periodically put some charges on it over the next year -bill, groceries, etc. and then I simply cancel before the annual fee is due. But remember don't just cancel. First call and say you want to cancel, they almost always will give you a chuck of miles or points to agree to keep the card open. Say "Thank You very much" and now wait until those free miles/points hit your account. Once those nice miles/points are safely in your account, now you call and actually cancel the card. So with this system I would make your first call to cancel after about 10 months. You then have time for those miles/points to hit before the annual fee comes due. Sometimes they will offer to credit your account the annual fee which is fine too – free money works. I have never been offered nothing. They transfer you to a special department who's job is to convince you to keep the card. Hope this helps a little. Feel free to keep shooting questions at me. I would love to help you. I was once new at all this too! You can really jump start your accounts with some credit card sign up bonuses. Check out the Hot Deals page for the best offers out right now. Also, read the post I just did : Credit Card Reviews for my opinion on the best offers and why.

  3. signing up for e-rewards.com you can take surveys and turn the survey "dollars" into hilton honor points. It's free and doesn't ruin your credit, but does take some time out of your day

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