Another everyday offer!  This is not for everyone but wanted you to be aware.  If you are getting lasiks, don’t forget to get your miles!  Or if you have a friend who is, you might try to give them your U.S. Airways number.  In my experience with many offers you don’t have to match the frequent flyer with the account holder.  I can’t verify whether this will work because I haven’t had lasiks.  In fact, I just went for my annual eye exam and my eyes went from 1.0 to .5.  Crazy!  Didn’t even know your vision could get better with age.  My optometrist tells me if your near sided that your vision usually improves the closer you get to 40.  Something to look forward to!!!  Anyway, back to the deal!  I don’t know if they will match names & frequent account numbers together on this offer but it’s worth a try.  I have personally done this with credit cards, Directv, checking accounts, etc.  For example, when I opened a Hilton Honors AMEX card last year for the hubby, I used my Hilton Honors account number.  The points on his card have always posted just fine to my Hilton Honors account.  This offer is enough for 1 domestic ticket for your family with a little extra to save for the next ticket.  Actually, come to think of it, if you’d like to make that almost 3 domestic U.S. Airways tickets (75,000 needed) all you need to do is grab the U.S. Airway Dividend Miles Premier World Mastercard (what a mouth full!) for 40,000 bonus miles.  This is an awesome “pack of gum” offer!  It’s advertising up to 60k but most people wouldn’t keep it 2 years to get the 10,000 miles anniversary bonuses each year.  If you do great you’ve got 60k.  I personally got this card last year during the U.S. Airways Grand Slam. (A very fun promo, I’ll post about it this year).  I won’t keep it pass the year because I have the Chase Sapphire which is much more of a multipurpose card for me and worth the annual fee.  If you don’t have the Chase Sapphire, I would highly recommend getting it.  The 50,000 bonus is superb and the card benefits are tremendous.  Learn more about this card from my recent article here.  You can also receive a small 1,000 U.S. Airways miles bonus just for an exam.  29,000 U.S. Airways miles is credited within 6-8 weeks for a treatment.


 This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts except for 5% discount to Managed Care patients. If you register using your Dividend Miles account, your miles will post to your Dividend Miles account 8-10 weeks after your appointment. Offers void where prohibited by law. Offer not valid for residents of the states of NY and VA. 1,000 and 29,000 mile offers will only be awarded once per member regardless of account credited. LasikPlus reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time and refuse or recover any promotion award if LasikPlus determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances. To receive 1,000 miles for the LASIK Vision Exam (a.k.a. pre-op appointment), customer must complete the entire exam, including dilation to determine candidacy for laser vision correction. Customers are eligible to receive 1,000 miles for one LASIK Vision Exam, and 29,000 miles for one treatment only, if treatment is completed by March 3, 2012. Customers that have previously attended a pre-operative appointment or treatment at LasikPlus are not eligible to receive miles for attending a new LASIK Vision Exam, or treatment. 30,000 miles represents 1,000 miles for completing one LASIK Vision Exam, and 29,000 for completing treatment. To receive miles for an appointment of any kind, the patient must submit their US Airways Dividend Miles number before that appointment begins.

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  1. A friend of mine just had one eye done, so he has had a pre-op appointment and (as per the T&C) isn't eligible for any bonus if he has the other eye done.

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