1. Hello,
    I could be wrong, I though citi gold account has a monthly fee of $30.00, unless you have a balance of 50K in the account?

    1. Yes, you are absolutely correct. In my past experience Citibank has waived the monthly fee for the first 2 or 3 months. You need to meet the requirements in the first 2 months and then they have 90 days from then to post miles to your account. So I figure 3 months, $90 best case scenario. You really have to stay on top of these miles though. I’m going to go for another 60k this year just because I think it’s worth the trouble. Some don’t and I get that!

  2. So I meet the requirement for the first two month (ie lets say within 40 days of opening account), so Citi have 90 days from the 41st day to post the miles? or they will wait do the whole 2 month (61 days) then post the mile to the account after 90 days? Also If i cancel the account after meeting the requirement (within 40 days and paying that $60 fee if not waived) will I still get the miles?
    Thanks for the help

    1. @ Adnan – They have 90 days from the closing statement period you meet the requirements. T&C’s state, “The AAdvantage® bonus miles will be posted by Citibank to your American Airlines AAdvantage® account within 90 days from the end of the statement period in which you met all offer requirements. ”
      You must have your account open for miles to be posted. So you have to wait until miles post to you AA account and then cancel checking account. T&C’s “At the time the AAdvantage® bonus miles are to be posted to your AAdvantage® account, your Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card account and the new checking account you opened in an eligible package (Citigold® Account, Citibank® Account, or Basic Banking) must be open and in good standing. “

  3. How do you deal with the direct deposit requirements? I would like to open two accounts, one for me and another for my husband. I spent significant amount of time online trying to figure out the ACH requirements. I talked to Citibank tonight, and they claimed they accept ACH deposits, but it must come from a payroll. Any suggestions?

  4. 180,000 miles is awesome.. except its with CitiBank.. which in my opinion is the worst credit card company in the world! I still have my first card with them because of the credit limit but never use it anymore.. After they jacked up my interest rate to 29.99% back in 2008 I stopped using them. To this day they won’t lower it beyond 24%.
    Besides that fact.. I guess you can’t beat 180,000 miles unless if you and your husband got the Chase cards. Looks like you’ll have a lot of traveling to do! 😉

    1. I agree completely that Citibank is a pain to deal with but some people can’t be picky. Citibank is one of the easier lenders for people to get approved with unlike AMEX.

  5. Hi Faith, send me the direct deposit info too okay? Hubby has a paycheck but I don’t so I’m looking for a workaround. I do billing for his business so I guess I could be his employee. (Actually sort of am) but he would “pay” me with a personal account check since we don’t have business checking. Would that fly as direct deposit?

    1. @Grado – If he pays you, it need to be through a setup Direct Deposit option with his checking account. I will email you some ideas.

  6. Did you receive the 30K for the Citi account. I have not received it yet. I tried to call citi, today they transferred me AAdvantage award, and they are closed for holidays.

    1. @Adnan – No, I haven’t yet. Too soon for me. Terms & Conditions state, “The AAdvantage® bonus miles will be posted by Citibank to your American Airlines AAdvantage® account within 90 days from the end of the statement period in which you met all offer requirements. ” So it could take awhile. If you just meet the requirements I would give it a month maybe before you start calling and emailing them. Definitely need to stay on them though. They are notorious for taking forever to post unless you stay on top of them. On the other hand, I’ve read that some people’s miles posted quickly. In my past experiences, I’ve had to hound them.

  7. Hello, Ok my 30K posted couple of days ago…. Lucky I didn’t have to pay bank maintenance fee (they didn’t charge). So today i sent a secure message to cancel the account I hope they do it over the secure message system, calling to cancel is a nightmare.

    1. @Adnan – That is great news! How long did they take to post from the time you met the min. requirements?

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