A few more everyday offers. If you haven’t got these, then open a Bank of American checking account and request their airlines specific debit card.  These are nice offers if you need to top off your account.  Or if you wait until later in the year, you can get 1 hit on the U.S. Airways Grand Slam promo from getting the U.S. Airways debit card.  You can also receive $250 from Bank of America’s Keep the Change checking account.  The terms & conditions do state that you can’t receive the bonus when using a rewards card debit card.  So open the checking account request your preferred airline debit card.  Use it once to trigger the bonus miles.  Once the bonus miles have posted, call customer service and cancel the rewards debit card and get a regular debit card.  You should now be ready to start earning your $250 cash from your checking account.  Be sure to read all the fine print. 

For offers & details click on the following links:
U.S. Airways

Alaska Airlines

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