directv-25kofferThis DIRECTV offer has been around for quiet awhile now.  I just wanted to feature it again as it is a great way to earn some American Airlines miles for services most of us already have and use.  This offer was suppose to expiring at the end of December but has been extend to 2/6/2013 according to the terms and conditions on the website.

I did this offer about two years ago.  This offer requires a two year minimum contract.  They way it works is they get you in at a low cost for the first year and the second year the price increases.  When we made the switch from Dish Network, the cost work out to be the same on the second year as what we were currently paying and we saved substantially on the first year.

Anyway, this is an easy way to earn a free flight on American Airlines (25,000 miles for domestic ticket U.S., Alaska & Canada) if you aren’t in love with your current provider and don’t mind a little hassle of making a provider change.  OFFER LINK


  1. Hi there,
    I did signed up with DIRECTV via the 1-800 number given to me by AA reps back in Nov 3, 2012 with the current promotion 25,000 miles at that time. In my opinion, this program looks like a big LIE and SCAM (after the fact) to get every member of AAdvantage to get DIRECTV
    Up until today they give me round-a round B S#$%@ and not giving me the AA miles as promised. My understanding is DTV customer services do not know about this.
    I specifically said that to DIRECTV reps that I signed up for DIRECTV just because of the miles offer. They refused to take my AA number because my subscription need to be 30 days active first. But, right after the 30th day, they still did not know how to process it…. December 2012…. follow up calls did not give me any good resolution.
    Today (January 19, 2013) when I need to follow up again, I got to go round a round again, one of them told me that the account was ineligible for this promotion (???!!) They did not tell me that in the first day when I signed up….. One of the Philippines call center guy, name Mark, told me that there is nothing wrong with my account at signed up and I should get the mileages, but some other cust. service including the supervisor told me the account was ineligible in the first place.
    Please do’t tell me that… how would I know that the reps who I signed up with is ineligible reps???
    What is this? Put your self in my shoe for a moment and think about this. Is it worth it????
    Where is my 25,000 miles DIRECTV???? Hi, AA…. you should do something on this….

    1. @Bayu Asmoro – At this points, I would begin putting everything is writing to DIRECTV. I would also write a letter & fax to American AAdvantage program. Can them discuss the situation. Tell them you believe their program is connected with a program that is committing fraud to get signups and promising miles there never deliver. Copy your letter to both American Airlines Advantage program and DIRECTV. Do not give up on these miles. I believe if you go this route in writing with AA involved you will collect your miles. AA has a responsibility to get involved and assist you because they are in partnership with DIRECTV. Boy, this makes me mad! Unfortunately, they aren’t the first company to make customers work to get the miles/points they promised in their offer. I had to put things in writing over 2 years ago when I did this deal. They didn’t easily just credit the miles. I did receive the miles after numerous calls and written correspondence. I believe the earlier you go to written correspondence the quicker results you will see. Company hate paper trails because they are legally liable for what is in writing.

  2. AAdvantage 25K Miles & DirecTV Offer now extended till 5-1-2013.
    New DirecTV Customers ONLY with credit approval.
    AA reads 30 days activation needed for AA Miles, ….
    … and DirecTV reads 60 days of activation needed for AA Miles.
    This disinformation is so goofy coming from these major corporations in partnership.

    1. @Mendo Nut – I agree! It took me a bit of work to get my AA miles out of them. Not the easiest deal ever but some deals are just more work than others.

    2. Update from Mendo Nut on the DirecTV – AA miles promo:
      I sign-up for the DirecTV service and did receive 25K AA miles in 30 days. Nice.
      The miles offer is still running as of Jan 2015.
      I also applied for a Citi AAdvantage VISA card (used to autopay the new DirecTV acct) , ….. and received another 25K
      of AA miles. Super Nice.
      Neat looking website here Miles Momma

  3. United Mileage Plus / Directv Offer is a scam: Signed up in August, no miles given. Call united they tell you to call Directv, Call Directv they tell you to call united. Scam. Will never use either of these companies again!

  4. I am very unhappy with DirecTV. I signed up with my Mileage Plus card but I have not received my 25,000 miles.
    I have contacted you several times about this.
    My mileage plus account number is ***********.
    My direct TV account number is **********.
    Please either credit my account, or give me the phone number of someone who can. Do not advise me to call United Mileage Plus.
    If I do not receive assistance, or the email or phone number of someone who can assist me, I intend to take my complaint to the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Protection Agency, and considering the dollar amount of this fraud, my State Attorney General.

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