Just came across this offer today in my offers.  It really isn’t highly written about on other blogs.  I think because everyone is looking for big 50k or 100k scores these days.  We forget about the smaller great deals and don’t write about them.  This is definitely a good sign up bonus offer.  It’s almost the “pack of gum” offer.  I call an offer a “pack of gum” offer if it gives the bonus on the first purchase and also has no minimum spend.  This comes close, no  minimum spend which is great but the annual fee is not waived so it doesn’t make the cut.  Still a good deal because it gives you a domestic flight for the cost of the annual fee $75.  Hard to beat that cost for any domestic flight.
Just thought I’d put it out there so you are aware of this offer if you need it.  Might fit the bill for someone especially a person who already has too many Chase, AMEX & Citibank cards.  This card is offered from MBNA.  I am not sure where they pull credit reports from but you could check this resource I’m aware -Credit Pulls Database

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