Here is another example of easy miles for normal household services.  Last year we were fed up with Dish Network and wanted to switch to DIRECTV but I waited until a good offer of 20,000 American Airlines miles came out.  Then grabbed it!  Now, they have recently increased the bonus to 25,000.  Wow!  That is a free domestic ticket right there baby!  So if you are in the market to switch your TV provider definitely take advantage of this offer.  Make sure you tell your friends too!  These are the types of offers that add up over time to earn you a nice family vacation.

Read all the details on the offer and discuss it with the customer rep of course.  You do have to commit to a 2 year agreement which is pretty standard with most satellite service providers these days.  You only get the discounted rate the first year, then the rate goes up.  You have to do direct debit or credit card billing each month instead of paper billing.  Just be sure you know all the details.  We did the math and it was cheap the first year and actually the same price as Dish Network on the second year.  So a great deal for us!

2 thoughts on “25,000 AA MILES FOR DIRECTV OFFER”

  1. Not valid if you live in an apartment or condo. (I have a letter from Directv saying I didn't qualify for miles because I live in a multi-dwelling unit.)

  2. Wow! That is absolutely crazy! I just checked the site and it states that now where. Check again for yourself but I would fight for your miles. I would write back and challenge them to show you where on their sign up page it states that fact for the potential customer. Therefore, if that is in fact their policy they this is false advertising. Demand your points be credited immediately. We love to hear the exact wording of that letter. Boy….I'd be steamed!!! Don't let this one go. This is a free domestic ticket you are entitled too!!! Please do report back and let me know your progress. I would keep the hammer down and not give up on this one.

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