Sign up for JetPrivilege frequent flyer program and earn 2500 Bonus JPMiles!  This is offered via their Facebook page here. See post dated August 5, 2013.  Click on this link to enroll now! http://bit.ly/PVcy5b.  The bonus miles offer is not state on application but I have personally used this link this week and have verified that you receive 2,500 miles immediately to your newly opened account.


Now, you are probably thinking what in the world you can do with 2,500 miles with an Indian based airline.  Well, if you live in India then you are 1,500 miles away from a free flight.  Most short hop flights start at 4,000 miles.  Now, if you live in the United States here is the key. Below is a list of their partners.

Air France 
American Airlines 
All Nippon Airlines 
Austrian Airlines 
brussels airlines 
Cathay Pacific 
Etihad Airways 
Gulf Air 
Malaysia Airlines 
South African Airways 
Turkish Airlines 
United Airlines 
Virgin Atlantic

You can review JetPrivilege award chart here.  There are some great deals.  You can also utilize the award mileage calculator!  It doesn’t show everything though, so you might have to call in to get the exact mileage for your route.  A short hop from Chicago, IL (ORD) to Toronto, ON (YYZ) is just 2,500 JPMiles.  So this promotion is definitely a FREE FLIGHT for some.

NOTE: You must accumulate 3,500 JPMiles and have 2 activities on Jet Airways, JetKonnect and on program partners before you. Check out all their program partners here.  They are affiliated with many hotel brands, so you can easily earn JPmiles from hotel stays.  You can also transfer Club Carlson points to JPmiles.  10 points per 1 JPmile. 

Now for families, here is the golden nugget!  Sign up all your family members including children.  Then you can transfer everyone’s miles into one account for a free flight.  The cost to transfer is in INR-Indian Rupee.  To transfer 2,500 miles it costs 1050 INR which currently equals $16.38.  So for my family of 4 for example, it would cost me $49.14 ($16.38 x 3) in account transfers to move all the family miles to one account.  Something to think about.  The real deal though for US residents is to leave the miles put in each family account and use them for a short hop flight in the US or India.

Well, enjoy your FREE miles and where ever they take you!


6 thoughts on “2,500 FREE JET AIRWAYS JPMILES”

    1. @Wandering Aramean – You are correct. I was wrong. Their are not in the alliances. They are partners with this list of airlines. I do believe you can book award flights on all the airlines listed as “Partners” on their site. Thanks for pointing out my error.

    1. @jw – I’m not sure on that. I just put my birth date for my children’s account. I know you could always change it in the future if you needed too.

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