Iberia Plus has a sweet new offer for families with children.  You can earn 2,500 free Avios for setting up your child with a new Iberia Plus Kids frequent flyer account.  You can check out this offer on page 14 & 15 of their magazine here.

The best thing about these 2,500 Avios is that you transfer them to British Airways and then combine them all together in a household account.  Depending upon how many children you have this could be a flight somewhere.  Keep in mind though that you can not transfer Avios from your Iberia account until they have been there over 90 days.  So you’ll have to wait and be patient during this process.


  • Sign up here for a Iberia Plus Kids
  • Print this registration form and mail, fax or email it to Iberia (contact info on top of form) with a copy of child’s passport.
  • After 90 days, log into your British Airways account ( adult parents account)
  • Click on “Manage my account”
  • Click on “Add/Change Household Account”
  • Create Household account
  • Now log into your child’s British Airways account or create a account if they don’t have one
  • Click on “Manage my account”
  • Click on “Combine my Avios”.  Click once more on “Combine my Avios”
  • Select program  – “Iberia Plus”.  Enter Iberia Plus No. & Pin and Log in
  • Combine Iberia Plus Avios into the British Airways account
Complete the above steps for all your children’s accounts.  Now you should have all the Avios in their British Airways accounts and you should see the avios in your combined household account balance.  YIPPEE!!!
Always love these great free miles/avios!!  Have fun!  Email me if you have any questions or need help during the transfer and setup process.





    1. No I don’t but worth a try. I still haven’t received copies of cards for my kids and I sent documentation about 3 weeks ago. Will follow up with email when I return from Prague

  1. When I tried to transfer my 4-year old’s 2500 Iberia points to her BA account, I got an error message that she was too young to do the transfer.
    Do you know how to execute this transfer?

    1. @Seth – No I don’t know for sure. I never got my kids accounts number or cards in the mail. I sent all their passport info and my info. I need to follow up on it. I would suggest calling over the phone. They should have no problem making the transfer over the phone since you are the parent on their account. (Why I believe they took your passport info at sign up).

  2. I logged on to my kid’s account. It said I was too young to transfer points. I logged out and logged back in under my name and tried to use her Iberia Plus account number and PIN. It said I was too young to transfer points. If you figure out a way, let me know. I’ll do the same.

    1. @Lively – I haven’t even got my kids account information in the mail. Never arrived. I have sent email but no response. I’m going to try email again. clasica@iberia.es. If I ever get my kids accounts numbers and figure out how to do it, I’ll post for sure.

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