Here is a great promotion to earn you 2,500 free American Airlines miles and 500 ExtrAA points ( 300 ExtrAA points can be redeemed for (1) One-Day Admiral Pass.  All you need to do is register you for a American Airlines Business ExtrAA account (free) here.  Then register for Stree Free Biz promotion here by December 31, 2012.


AAdvantage bonus miles will be awarded only to the Travel Manager who registers for this promotion via www.aa.com/stressfreebiz.  The registered Travel Manager must be an active Travel Manager on the company’s Business ExtrAA account.  So you must sure to add yourself as the Travel Manager on the Business ExtrAA account.  



  • Enroll in American Airlines Business ExtraAA.  If you use this link and register before Noevember 30, 2012, you will also earn 500 bonus ExtrAA points.  Once you are enrolled, log into your account and be sure you add yourself as a “Travel Manager”if you aren’t added by default as the company owner.  

    Click on “Add Travel Manager” and enter all their information.

    Remember this program is for anyone who even has a small home business or online business. (i.e. selling things on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, etc.)  Just like other business programs, you don’t need to have a registered business license to be a small business.  I meet a nice guy at our garage sale last weekend.  He drove up with his wife and began to scan our books for sale with his iphone.  It intrigued me so I asked him if he was checking the price online.  Of course he was and he said he had a small little business selling books on Amazon.  Doesn’t make a lot of money but he does in his spare time to earn a little extra each month.

  • Also, don’t forget to register the entire family for these free bonus miles.  I’m sure you whole family is involved in your business right?  So add each family member as a Travel Manager.

  • Be sure to check the email box “Receive email account information” 


  • Now, go and register all your “Travel Managers” for the Stree Free Biz promotion here.  Register each Travel Manager with their information and your Business ExtrAA #.  That’s it!  All done!

Your 2,500 bonus American Airlines miles and 500 ExtrAA points should post to each account within 6 – 8 weeks .  You can then redeem 300 ExtrAA points for a Admirals Club One-Day Pass.

 NOTEAdmirals Club One-Day Passes are valid for one person for all lounge visits on the same day. Admirals Club One-Day Passes are paper awards and sent via regular U.S. mail. However, expedited delivery is available for these awards.

If you just enrolled, you should earn 500 bonus ExtrAA points for enrolling and 500 ExtrAA points for this promotion.  This is in theory if you are allowed to earn this bonus even though it’s a targeted promotion.  You could use 1,000 ExtrAA points towards a One-Way North America segment upgrade which is only 650 ExtrAA points.

You can view all award options here: https://www.businessextraa.com/ShowAwards.do

There are more bonus miles on the table with this promotion but I only highlight the ones available without actually traveling as my blog specializes in bringing leisure travelers bonus offers they can actually earn.  Obviously, if you are doing any business travel on American Airlines and paying for your ticket you want to be sure to use your Business ExtrAA number so you can continue to earn all the bonus points and perks this program offers.  Remember your small family business can earn points for each family member that is enrolled under your business as a Travel Manager.  Just be sure to enter the company Business ExtrAA member when booking all flights.

Enjoy this one and let’s all hope we all earn the bonus miles!



To earn 500 Business ExtrAA bonus points and 2,500 AAdvantage bonus miles you must register for this promotion by December 31 2012.  To earn an additional 500 bonus points and 10,000 bonus miles you must book and fly one round-trip using your company’s Business ExtrAA account number by December 31, 2012.  To earn an additional 1,000 bonus points and 12,500 bonus miles you must book and fly two additional round-trips (for a total of 3 round-trips) using your company’s Business ExtrAA account number by December 31, 2012. Minimum round-trip fare of $250 applies for qualification. AAdvantage bonus miles will be awarded only to the Travel Manager who registers for this promotion via www.aa.com/stressfreebiz.  The registered Travel Manager must be an active Travel Manager on the company’s Business ExtrAA account. 

Qualifying round-trip travel to earn bonus Business ExtrAA points and AAdvantage miles is defined as travel origination from one city to a destination city, and from the same destination city back to the originating city, with no deviation.  Travel must be complete by December 31, 2012.  The company’s Business ExtrAA account number must be in the reservation to earn the bonus points and bonus miles.  Promotional bonus points and bonus miles do not qualify for tickets submitted for retro-credit processing.

In addition to any bonus points associated with this offer, per general program rules, U.S. based Business ExtrAA accounts will earn two base points for every $10 spent on all qualifying tickets on AmericanAirlines®, American Eagle® or AmericanConnection® carriers.  Business ExtrAA bonus points and AAdvantage bonus miles will be posted to the member’s account within six to eight weeks after the offer ends.


NOTE:  This is a targeted offer to existing American Airlines Business Extra members, but appears to be available for anyone to register. YMMV (Your Miles May Vary – miles and points lingo)

Terms & Conditions:  “This offer is available only to Business ExtrAA members who receive the mailing from American Airlines.  To qualify for the bonus offer, the company must register prior to travel at www.aa.com/stressfreebiz.”

I received this message when enrolling.  I’m not confident I received the email.  I might have deleted it but I’ve been a Business ExtrAA member since 2011.  So will see what happens.


    1. @jacob – Thanks for the reminder. Mine have not posted yet for the family members I registered. I recommend sending an email to AAdvantage with your information and the date which you signed up for the promotion with a link of the promotion details. I am going to fire off a couple myself.

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