Well, today I just got to experience and use Hotels Tonight, a great app for last minute hotel bookings.  I was referred to it by another blogger months ago but just haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet.  Today, some of my close friends missed their connecting flight and were laid over in Honolulu and needed a hotel night quick.  I scoured online for a cheap but nice quality hotel.  Used Kayak, Hotel Combine, Expedia,  PricelineFare Compare and then I remember my $25 credit that I had for signing up with Hotels Tonight.  So I thought I’d check and see what they had for tonight in Honolulu.  Well, Hotels Tonight came through and impressed me with their deals.  I ended up booking a $135 room for $72 (after my $25 credit).  I was very happy and pleased with how easy the transaction was over my Iphone.  It look maybe 8 minutes to complete all the info.  I would highly recommend checking out Hotels Tonight for those last minute hotel reservations.   If you would like a $25 free credit for your first booking, please leave a comment with your name & email and I will send you a referral link.  It will have the link to download the app and sign up.  You will receive an instant $25 credit on your account for your first booking and I will also receive a $25 credit when you make your first booking.  You can then in turn refer any friends you like and then will also receive the $25 bonus and you the referral bonu.

I highly suggest taking every free bonus that is offered out there.  You never know when you might be able to use it and you’ll have it sitting in your back pocket.

Does anyone else have any experience you can share about Hotels Tonight?

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