Well, I’ve know about this offer for sometime now and just haven’t written about it honestly because of my previously frustrating experience with Citibank.  I opened checking account for a 20,000 AA bonus and it was like “pulling teeth” getting my miles.  I did get them.  I wrote several emails and lots of phone calls to get them.  I wasn’t about to not receive what I was promised.  I had read many many bad reviews on Flyertalk regarding Citibank being difficult to deal with and lots of trouble getting your bonus miles posted.  Here is the thread I have been following since January 2011.  There is a ton of information on it regarding this deal.
So here is my recommendation, if you REALLY REALLY need AA miles and don’t think you can get them  all strictly from credit card sign bonuses and other bonuses then do this deal.  I am believe it or not thinking I might open 2 more checking accounts (one for me and one for the hubby) just because I need enough miles to book our whole family first class to London in 2013.  I have enough for business class but I really want to have my husband experience the royal treatment. That being said, I will need to book these award seat in June of 2012 to get four (4) first class seats for the following May 2012.  (330 days in advance -always best availability of flights)  So my time is ticking away and I really want to meet my goal I’ve set for myself.  So I figure it’s worth the work.  I know I’ll get the miles but I think I’ll have to do lots of “babysitting” for it!!
So if you need AA miles and want to really “babysit” a deal then come on and join me.  Do read the thread though and get all the help you can there.  As always, don’t hesitate to send me a personal message and I’ll help in anyway possible.  Keep in mind this offer expires on 12/31/11 and I would count on them being sticklers about that.  Take screen shots of everything single thing.  Print it out and keep really good records on this deal in case you need it.
Good luck!
Offer Code: C2GT, offer expires 12/31/11
P.S.  These checking account offers can be churned.  Meaning you can open an account and close it and open another account after a few months have gone by.  I have not done this yet.  I will be though.  This is from information on Flyertalk.

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