Just thought I’d let you all know that I received a targeted offer from my US Airways Mastercard.  It offered 15,000 bonus miles if I spent $1,250 a month for January, February & March.  To receive the bonus, you must spend $1,250 in each month not all together.  I’ve already met this easily with bills, gas & groceries for this month.  I opened my US Airways Mastercard in November of 2011.  My gues is this offer may be targeted to new customers.  I would suggest if you have this card that you call and see if  you have this offer on your account or could be eligible for this offer.  I would call and send a secure message.  I prefer email communication because then you have documentation if you should need it in the future if bonus miles do not post as promised.  This is a very nice spending bonus.  Your $3,750 spending will earn you 18,750 miles.  So follow up on this and see if you can grab these miles too!  If you need a copy of the actually printed promotional flyer I receive then please drop me a note and I’ll be happy to email it.  Or better yet, I’ll try to scan and update this post with a pdf file.  Now go get your bonus miles!!

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