Here is a simple way to earn some extra United miles.  Simply join Guilt and make a purchase over $50 to receive the bonus 1,500 United miles.  You also receive $5 miles for every dollar spent in the first 6 months.  So if you find products of interest you can earn some additional miles too.  I wouldn’t just spend $50 to get the 1,5000 UA miles but if you have some gifts or online shopping coming up be sure to check their site and use this deal.  Also, you can buy E-gift cards for Gilt.  Not sure if these are excluded.  Doesn’t state so anywhere so I would assume, it’s still considered a $50 purchase.  Remember Mother’s Day is coming up soon!
Note:  This offer is for first time Gilt members.  So if you joined before like me you’ll just have to sign up someone else in the family for an account.  I’m not sure if you can use the same United frequent flyer number but I’d give it a try.  Different offers varies.  Haven’t tried this yet so I can’t report.  If I do, I’ll post an update. 

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