You can add 500 FREE miles to you Delta, American and Hawaiian Airlines account.  Liberty Mutual offers 500 miles for a quote by them.


My suggestion to receive all bonuses would be to do one quote for different types of insurance.  I have done all of these in the past but it’s been awhile so I decided to do them again today.  I did a auto insurance quote with American, a homeowner insurance quote with Delta, and lastly a condo quote with Hawaiian Airlines.  Each quote is a unique different quote and worked just fine for me.  I also was very pleasantly surprised by the home owner’s quote as it was significantly better coverage & lower cost than what we currently have.  Something I’ll have to check into a bit further.  Liberty mutual may have just got me as their customer from this free offer which is of course their goal.  You never know what your quote might reveal.  Also be sure not to indicate any accidents on your auto quote or it will reject you.  I did this once and it wouldn’t give me a quote.  The process takes about 5 minutes.  So about 15 minutes for 1,500 free miles.  I’m not sure how quickly these miles will post to your account.  Usually these type of things I completely forget about until extra miles show up in my account one day.  I’ll let you know when mine post.  So when you have a few spare minutes you can do this and add a little to all your accounts.  I know it’s not some huge credit card sign up bonus (love these).  The great thing though is everyone can do this one and these little offers add up over the course of a year.  You would be amazed how quickly you’ll see your account balances grow when you are just on top of these little gems!  I love big deals and little ones, it’s all part of this fun & crazy hobby of miles & point collecting!  Always looking for ways to build my “travel bank”!

Note:  This offers is available to everyone except residents of GA, IA, ME, MA, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, PA, OR & UT.  Sorry!  I guess Liberty Mutual does not service those states.


  1. FYI that I live in MA and am a Liberty Mutual customer already so they definitely service MA. Too bad I can't get in on this one but thanks for the tip!

  2. @Rebecca – Just a thought do you have auto, homeowners,condo & renters insurance? If you don't have all of those insurance. Try a quote for the ones you don't have. Seems like it might work. Interesting about it saying in the terms & conditions that service isn't available in MA and you have coverage. Very strange. Thanks for the heads up

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