1,350 Free Southwest Rapid Reward Points

Via Million Mile Secrets, Southwest is offering 100 free points a week for 6 weeks (total of 600 points or ~$10 value) for answering 5 questions online via their Chief Reward Officer promotion.

Southwest Chief Reward Officer Promotion
Today is the last day to submit answers for week 1.
Step 1 – You don’t have a Southwest Rapid Rewards account
Sign up for a free Southwest account and earn 750 points for signing up and opting in to receive email.
NOTE: 250 Miles will be deposited upon enrollment.  500 points will be deposited after subscribed for 3 months.
Step 2 – You have a Southwest Rapid Rewards account
Register for the Chief Reward Officer promotion and choose a username and password which you’ll use when logging in later.
Southwest Chief Reward Officer -3

Register For Southwest Chief Reward Officer
Step 3 – Play The Game
Click on “Play the Game” to get started.
A video will start playing, but I was able to click it close and went straight to the questions below.
Q1.  No Blackout Dates mean you can redeem your points for flights anytime except:
Answer: None of the above. There are No Blackout Dates
Q2: Unlimited Reward Seats mean that you can redeem your points for any available seat, without restrictions
Answer: True
Q3: What determines the number of points you earn for a flight?
Answer: Both Fare Type and Amount of Fare
Q4: Which of these allows you to redeem points for International flights, cruises, gift cards, and more?
Answer: Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase*
Q5: Unscramble 3 rapid reward benefits. Click and drag the letters to rearrange.
Southwest Chief Reward Officer -1

Unscramble For 100 Points!
Answers: Unlimited, Blackout, Expire
Just did this myself for the family.  Easy and free points.  Just the way I like them!

1: C
2: D
3: True
4: Business Select
5: C/B/A
NOTE: If you are starting late on Week#2 you are asked questions 1 -3 from Week #1 and questions 4 & 5 from Week#2.  Strange but that’s how it works.  I believe it will let you go back and answer two questions from Week #1 but that’s all it allows.

Have fun!

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  1. Here is a current link that describes exactly how you get the 750 and breaks it down. for asking. I will update my link for any one else who is still wanting to play this week.

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