Another code for 1,000 FREE Priority Club points has surfaced.  I’ve posted about this video promotional offer before.  If you haven’t done it, grab your 1,000 free points.

Click on this link  
Input your Priority Club number, your pin, and this code:PGFTNHNAD3

That simply!!  Enjoy your free points!


This also will give you a chance to apply for the 60,000 bonus point Priority Club Visa offer if you don’t have this card already.  This is a great offer and 60,000 points will stretch far with Priority Club.  They are worldwide and if you booked Point’s Break nights, you could stretch these points into 12 FREE NIGHTS!  You can also get access to this 60,000 point offer by logging into your United MileagePlus account.  You should see the offer available to you through your account there.  

8 thoughts on “1,000 FREE PRIORITY CLUB POINTS”

  1. I'm not sure, but I tried the hyperlink from this post with the suggested code (PGFTNHNAD3) The message I got when I entered the required info: "Please check your Member Number and PIN and re-enter". I'm not sure if this code is good.

  2. @cy- Give is another try. Maybe just an internal error or code was inputed incorrectly. I just did it right now again and it worked fine. Let me know if you still have problems. By the way, my husband's account – the offer was 80,000 bonus points on the Priority Club Visa. My offer was only 60,000.

  3. Faith, I retried as you suggested, but got the same error message "Please check your Member Number and PIN and re-enter".

  4. Hmmmm….not sure what is happening on your end. I just tried the link again with the code and it still works fine for me. Can you log into Priority Club with our Member Number and PIN. Double check that to be sure it's correct. Then if it's correct I would try a different browser or computer if possible. I'm using Google Chrome. Maybe that will work.

  5. This is a one code per priority club member promotion. You either get the code from the front desk during a stay or they email it to you. You can't use one that someone has already used.

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