Nice free miles offer via Travelers Loop Hole.

Lan offering 1,000 Free Kilometers as Sign Up Bonus

Sign up now for 1,000 Free kilometers at Lan. This Oneworld carrier has great value, especially if you have a lot of Starwood points. Here’s the scoop.  Starwood points transfer to LAN at a 1:2 rate, plus you earn a bonus 10,000 LAN Kilometers when you transfer 20,000 SPG points. LAN does do some distance-based awards which allows you to get a short one-way flight for very cheap, but the best deals are the North America to Brazil/Peru/Bolivia rewardson LAN.
20,000 SPG = 40,000 LAN + 10,000 LAN = 50,000 LAN
For only 100,000 LAN Kilometers, you can fly from North America to Brazil in business class! Or you can save some points and go coach for 48,000 LAN Kilometers. So, the total SPG points for business class is only 40,000 and coach is only 20,000. Very nice.

2 thoughts on “1,000 FREE LAN AIRLINES KILOMETERS”

  1. I am going to South America and will be travelling on LAN for four segments including to and from USA. I have SPG also. Would it make sense to join LAN and put Km on it or put it on my AA FFP acoount

  2. I would figure out how many kilometers your flight would earn you verses how many miles AA would give you. Then you must decide what you are looking to use these miles for next. Where do you want to travel. Which airlines requires the least amount of miles to fly there. That's how I'd evaluate it.

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