American Airlines is running a promo called “Go For the Emerald”.  It’s a game you play and learn more about elite member benefits.  The first 20,000 people that play will win 1,000 AA miles and be entered into a drawing for 2 business class “Round the World” tickets on One World Alliance partners.  Click here to play the game.  Do this now!  Not sure how long this will last or if it’s still viable even now.  I was able to earn 1,000 AA miles this afternoon.  Sorry I didn’t have a chance to post right then.  Tough with kiddos and a busy Momma life.  I am very aware of time sensitive promos though, so I try to get things posted quickly for you when I become aware of them.

You can keep playing and be entered multiple times.  I’ve just played 10 times.  A few minutes!  I figured it would increase my chances.  My last score was ranked 4 out of 94561.  Almost up to 100,000 entries.  So a little better chance than just one entry.

2 thoughts on “1,000 FREE AA MILES – GO FOR THE EMERALD PROMO!”

  1. Thanks for the tip, however I noticed that the rules limit the number of entries to 5. Quote from the rules: "TO ENTER: There are two (2) ways to enter the Sweepstakes. There is a limit of a total of five (5) entries per email address regardless of entry method. These five (5) entries can be achieved via one or a combination of the below entry methods as specified."

  2. Good too know! Thanks for reading the fine print! Guess it let me keep playing. Hmmm…… Maybe I used a different email address when I entered later in the day. Definitely enter at least 5 times for sure or use a second email address for more entries.

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