Well, we are now in Week#5 of the  Southwest 30 Million Point Giveaway .  100 points per week for 6 weeks.  Nothing big but every point counts and adds up quickly.  Free is the word here.  Thanks Southwest!  

Here are your answers
1.  A & B
2. Courtesy car service to the airport
3  Any entire year
4.  True
5.  Case 1.  25% bonus and Preferred Boarding, Case 2.  100% Bonus and Preferred Boarding and Wifi

Case 3.  Companion flies free
If you have missed the previous weeks, you can go back and do two of the previous questions from each week for a total of 40 points from each week missed.  If you want to receive the full 100 points each weeks, you must complete the questions during the week.  So we have 2 more weeks to go.
Remember if you haven’t signed up for Southwest Rapid Rewards account, you can earn 750 for signing up.  See my previous post here for details.  Also, remember to sign up your hubby, and all children.  Children can have their own frequent flyer accounts no matter how young.  Always grab the points/miles for everyone in the family.

This process is very easy if you open two browser, one with Award Wallet and all your family accounts. Then the second browser at the Southwest 30 Million Point Giveaway page.  Sign up all your family members for the giveaway by simply copying your first family members Rapid Rewards number from Award Wallet and then click over to the browser with Southwest site and complete the questions for the first family member.  Then sign out on the Southwest site.  Click to Award Wallet and copy the next family members Rapid Rewards number and click back to the Southwest browser and sign up the next family member. And so on!  Once you have register all your family members all you need each time is their user name.  I have just signed in for each of my family members and complete the questions for this week. NOTE: Southwest does not let Award Wallet collect their balances so all you can see if your rewards number.  You will need to right down your user names for each family member.  If you aren’t already using Award Wallet, I highly recommend it.  I can’t imagine life without it!  I remember when it first came out and it changed my miles/points organizational life!  It’s the best way to organize all your account numbers and balances.  Check it out!

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