Tips for Saving Money at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

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Think Walt Disney World has to be an expensive vacation? Think again. With a few smart tips, tactics, and strategies you can save a bundle and still enjoy a fabulous vacation. Hotels and Accommodations Visiting Walt Disney World during the hot months of the year and the colder months can mean smaller crowds. This is when hotels have rooms available and may offer them at a lower rate. Additionally, if you can visit during the week, rather than the weekend you can save money on a nightly rate. Finally, look to stay off the Disney property to save money. Many top quality hotels surround the theme park and they provide shuttle service to and from the park. You can save a bundle staying off site and have a delightful vacation. Meals and Dining Meals and snacks can add up quickly at the theme park. Consider hitting the supermarket before you get to your hotel. Pack a cooler with snacks, fruit, water and even things to drink. You might look for a hotel that offers a free breakfast to save money on eating out. And consider checking out the Disney Dining Plan. It’s a fixed price meal plan that’s available for all resort guests. You purchase a package of meal tickets. Each ticket is good for one meal at a Disney restaurant. Menu price doesn’t matter and Disney representatives say that the plan can save you up to 30% of your dining expenses. Travel, Tickets, and Extras There are any number of opportunities to spend money at Walt Disney World. You can stock up on souvenirs. Bring a camera and set aside enough for one souvenir per person. Set a price limit so you stick to your budget. You can spend money on extra ticket items like a night at the movies at the Disney village. Budget the extras and enjoy the myriad of free Disney activities like the nightly fireworks. You can save money by purchasing a multi-day pass which allows you to get into all of the parks on one pass. Skip the car rental too. In addition to offsite hotels offering free shuttles to the park, many hotels will pick you up at the airport for free. Walt Disney World doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can enjoy a fabulous vacation for much less than you think. Plan ahead, set a budget, and take advantage of the money saving opportunities available to you.

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