Many of you regular readers know that I will be traveling for the month of April in the United Kingdom with my family.  Of course, I’ll be tweeting and uploading pictures to my various social media sites.  Follow me on Twitter , Facebook,  or Instagram if you aren’t already!  I’m also on Pinterest too!

So if you are planning to follow along on our family’s month long adventures, you might also want to participate in the contest I’ll be running called, “Where in the UK is Miles Momma“?

Each week I will post a contest picture on an unknown day & time on the Miles Momma site.  If you are following along on Twitter , Facebook,  or Instagram you’ll be notified that I’ve posted that week’s contest photo.  You can then come to the Miles Momma site and guess where in the United Kingdom I am.  Since I’ve previously posted the countries I’ll be visiting that will help you out.  To win, you must be the first person to comment on the post with the correct location.  Your answer must be detailed; specific site, city/town and country.

For example, Tower of London, London, England.  

If you are participating be sure to follow me on  Twitter , Facebook,  or Instagram for updates.  But remember you MUST comment on the blog post.  Comments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram do no qualify.  Although following me on all of these social medias sites will help give you ideas where I may be on any given day.   If you are playing along I highly recommend that you follow me on all three as I may post different tips on various social media throughout the month.

The contest will run for four weeks starting April 1, 2013 and ending April 28, 2013.

  • The first person’s comment on the blog post to correctly identify my location will be that weekly winner.  
  • There will be 1 winner each week.  
  • You can win only once (1) after that you are disqualified from additional entries.  
  • One entry per week per person.  
  • Winner must also “like” Miles Momma on Facebook.


  • Like Miles Momma on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on the weekly picture posted with: site, city/town, country
  • Be sure to leave your first initial & last name or handle if you prefer and contact email address.


Each weekly winner will receive a $500 gift card Visa Gift Card.  I will post a list of winners on May 1, 2013.  If you are one of the four winners, I will contact you directly by email to arrange for the shipping of your gift card.  Please enter with an email address that is the best contact email for you.  Also be sure to sign up to receive my daily feed so you won’t miss the announcement.

SPECIAL NOTE:   Please no family members

I look forward to sharing our adventures with you through my site and social media.  We are only days away from leaving as I write this post and the excitement is really growing here at our home.  Two more days of teaching homeschool, laundry, dishes, and all the regular Momma stuff!  Miles Momma works hard but she loves to play hard too!  It’s really rewarding to work hard to achieve a goal and then to enjoy it!  I’ve worked hard as a mile and point collector to afford this month long vacation.   It takes time to save up for a long adventure like this but if you are constantly building your travel bank it’s always there when you are ready for your big adventure.  The miles and points for this trip were probably earned   3 – 4 years ago.  The miles I’ve earned last year and this year are for future trips.  Build your “travel bank” so it’s there when you need it and always always diversify in your earnings.  Diversification gives you flexibility and options.

I hope my adventure can inspire you to live your dreams and make your grand adventure happen.  You can do it but you must be diligent in building and saving those miles and points.  Remember I’m always available to help.  Just an email away!  It’s my pleasure and makes my day to help someone else live their dream of travel.


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  1. I cannot tell if my first entry went through. So sorry to post twice. Westminster Abbey, London England was my answer.

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