TRAVEL TIPS FROM MILES MOMMA – "Finding your lost gadgets"

Have you ever opened up your purse or briefcase on a trip and discovered your phone, computer or camera was gone and you feel your heart drop into your stomach.  Losing your device can really be a downer on a trip.

I’ve got a few great services I’d like to turn you on to.  These could really save you if you find yourself in this situation.

This service will locate your phone using GPS and Wi-Fi and can also lock the device or wipe your data – even if someone inserts a another SIM card.

Cost: $19.95 per year

CameraTrace tracks a registered camera using metadata embedded in digital photos, so it can find any pictures taken with you camera that have been uploaded to one of many popular image -sharing sites

Locating your device is great if you’ve lost it but if it’s a result of theft it won’t do you much good without the help of the law.  Here is a service that will help you.

$10 per camera

When a laptop enabled with LoJack is reported stolen, the program’s forensic tool’s automatically contact LoJack for Laptop’s central command every 15 minutes which makes it easy to collect evidence that police can use to recover it for you.

Cost: $39.99


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