I’ve just updated my Resources page with a new tool to help with finding cheap tickets and hotels.  Hipmunk is now part of my go to list.  If you are familiar with Matrix ITA this is very similar.  I thought I’d give you a post with some of my favorite tools to find cheapest flight or hotel.  If you do need to pay for a ticket and can’t use miles, here are some good tools to help you find the cheapest flights or hotels.  I rarely pay for tickets though but I do if the flight is too close to me say SFO to PHX.  Using your miles to fly a short distance when the ticket will be under $300 is probably not the best use of 25,000 miles.

2. – Searches multiple travel websites
4. – using the flexible date range you can search for the lowest possible fare.
5. ITA Matrix – the software use by many travel sites & airlines themselves

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