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Travel Tips & Tricks Before You Set Off on your Travels

Travel Tips

Pack Light, Travel Fast I’m gearing up for another five-day excursion and since I am planning what I am packing, I figured I would share my tips. I have always prided myself on packing efficiency, but I didn’t realize how valuable that particular skill was until I was traveling with a friend whose packing style …

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Tips on Vacationing with Your Pet

Travel with your pooch

So you want to take your pet on vacation with you! It can be a lot of fun, but especially if you plan a bit. Here are some tips for successful vacationing with your pet. 1. Be Prepared It may be tempting to think you’ll just buy everything for your pet when you get to …

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TRAVEL TIPS FROM MILES MOMMA – “Finding your lost gadgets”

Have you ever opened up your purse or briefcase on a trip and discovered your phone, computer or camera was gone and you feel your heart drop into your stomach.  Losing your device can really be a downer on a trip. I’ve got a few great services I’d like to turn you on to.  These …

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