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Stratford Upon Avon

Jul 19 2018 Stratford Upon Avon By Miles Momma in Destinations, europe, Travel Inspiration, Travel Planning July 19, 2018   Known primarily as the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford Upon Avon burst into the scene when tourists paying homage to the playwright started arriving in droves. The playwright is not just the only sight to see …

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Top Things to do in London

Case Family - Tower of London

London London is such a lovely place and is perfect for first time travellers. Here are some tips & tricks about this city. Best times to go Spring & Fall are the best times – it’s not that cold and not that warm either. There are not as many tourists as in the summertime, so …

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Windsor – A Visit to the Queen’s Residence

Windsor, England, United Kingdom

Windsor Windsor is a pretty town located less than two hours west from London (around 21 miles). The royals liked the town so much; they took their own last name from the town. Once notable for its castle, a big tourist boom led to an influx of other tourist attractions and shopping opportunities for the …

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