I just had one of my loyal readers request that I send him all the current Chase offers that give Ultimate Rewards points bonuses so he could review them.  I thought I’d post them all here for you as well.  If you applied and received all these cards (over time obviously), they would give you a total of 175,000 Ultimate Rewards points or 350,000 Ultimate Rewards points per couple.
You can get each card because they are all different Chase products. A lot of points to be had for sure.
I always recommend being conservative with your applications though.  Don’t try to apply for to many cards at once.  It’s really best to only have 1 application per lender every 60-90 days if you can.  Sometimes, you might miss out on a super offer and you have to break this rule though.   Your score will drop about 2 – 3 points per application.  It’s not as significant as you might think.  As long as you always pay off your cards in full, have no late payments and have no debt or very little debt, you score will always rebound and actually increase.  If you are in debt, it is best not to apply for more credit cards but to pay down and get debt free.  You score will increase the more you pay down.
I regularly monitor my credit with and and receive email updates of any changes on my report.  Tonight I just got an email so I checked it and I was delighted when I saw my updated score.  My Experian score was up at 775 in January but I did 5 applications in February and closed 1 card in March.  The applications brought my score down a bit but what really dropped it was (believe it or not) closing a card.  I closed my Chase United Visa so I could make room to open the Chase MileagePlus Explorer card.  I had only had that card 1 year but closing it dropped my score almost 15 points. Ouch!! I just wanted to point this out to all of you.  You think you are doing a “good” thing by closing credit but the credit world doesn’t view it that way.  Strange system!  I would recommend only closing a card if you absolutely need to make room for other credit lines or you don’t want to pay the annual fee.  Also, you can try to get the annual fee waved so you can keep it another year or ask if you could have the card downgraded to a “no fee” card.  So after my applications and 1 account closure my Experian score dropped down to 749.  I was bummed!  I knew it would rebound but still didn’t like to see it that low.  Tonight after 2 months it is back up to 771.  YEAH!!! My Equifax score is 795 and Transunion is 804.  In California is seems most all lenders check Experian.  I only have 2 inquires in the last two years on both of those.  I keep a very close eye on my credit and I recommend you do the same if you are using credit cards as an asset to secure FREE travel.  They are a great tool if you use them wisely.  If you can not do that it’s better to stay away from them.  Use them instead of your cash but don’t spend more than the cash you have in your bank and you’ll be fine.  I like to pay my credit cards a couple times a week.  This way you never have to do anything with your statement but file it!
As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me directly.  I’d be happy to help you out in anyway I can.  If you apply through my site at any time, I thank you in advance for choosing to support me and my site.

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