Hello Readers,

I am getting ready to head off to the East Coast this Sunday for a two week family trip.  I’ve got things planned but I thought I’d ask you all for any tips and suggestions of “must do’s” and “don’t miss”.

We will be flying from LAX to Boston and renting a car and traveling around Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  So any hot tips for these states would be appreciated, especially fun kids activities.

Here is what I’ve got on the list of must do’s so far:

Thanks in advance for all your tips and suggestions.  I promise I will give a full detailed trip report when I return.  I know I haven’t written my Czech Republic trip report but it is in the progress. I have started it.  I think I’ll try to do it in parts that way I can get some details out to you.  I promise you’ll get info on both trips the next month for sure.  Life is very busy for this Momma.  All you other Momma’s (and Daddy’s) know how crazy it is at this stage of life.  

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