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Miles Momma features travel writers every Sunday.  These writers share their travel adventures and tips from destinations they have traveled all over the world.  Since this is a brand new addition to the Miles Momma site, I am actively seeking travel writers who are looking to showcase their work and capture the eyes of new travel readers.   If you are a travel writer/blogger and would like to be featured on the “Sunday Travel Adventures” column, please feel free to contact me to discuss a possible date and details.


Dr. Cindy Maloney

Dr. Cindy Maloney is a long time world traveler who has visited 33 countries and still has a zest for more.  She was given advice some 18 years ago from a trainer she hired for her clinic that was similar to the medicine man from Bali in Eat, Pray, Love .  He gave her the advice that she wanted to hear. “If you are going to work this hard and so many hours, you will need to take a vacation every 6 weeks of your life, or you are going to get burned out.”  As so she did!    She focuses on trip reports that include value luxury ideals for families/couples, great places to go and things to do, plus smokin’ deals from airfare wars, to mistake airfares, to teaching you the points and miles games she plays. Her motto is “Stop being so destination specific; let the miles take you where they want to go!”   Check her out at pointsandtravel.com..




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