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Citibank Thank You Points offers

Thank You Points
$300 Cash 

  •  Open a new Citibank checking account in The Citigold®, Citibank® or Basic Banking® Account Package by 10/31/12.
  • Within 45 days after account opening, enroll the new checking account in Citi ThankYou® Rewards AND
  • Complete one direct deposit AND complete one qualifying bill payment for two consecutive months



$100 CASH

Open the Citigold® Account Package for $100 cash or $50 for the Citibank® Account Package


NOTE: Citibank has been sending out1099’s reporting to the IRS an exorbitant value for the miles you receive for opening a bank account. The taxes you would pay on that value would probably be greater than the actual value to you of the miles.  That being said, I opened a checking account and receive 20,000 AA miles in 2011 and DID NOT receive a 1099.  My assumption is that my miles valuation by Citibank fell under the $600 value to receive a 1099. Also note, that there are no reports of Citibank’s credit cards generating a 1099, only checking accounts.

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