American Express has just increased their Starwood Preferred Guest Card bonus offer from 25,000 to 30,000.  In my opinion this a very valuable rewards card.  I carry it in my wallet and use it regularly.  The Starwood points have so much flexibility and the resorts you can stay in worldwide are the cream of the crop.  My top two reason for saying this are:
1.  You can transfer these points to your favorite airline.  Whenever you do this you receive a 5,000 mile bonus.  So 20,000 points equals 25,000 to most all airlines.  
2.  The program has a Cash & Points option which gives you huge savings at high end hotels.  For example, many times you can use only 4,000 points and $60 for 1 night in a $250/$300+ room.  It’s a great way to stretch your points and stay in some really nice accommodations.

This offer is available until December 12, 2011.  Or really until the link goes dead.  As I know from experience, many times lenders will start promoting a offer and give an expiration date but still keep the link working.  When the link is still live and an individual applies through that link, in all the card offers I’ve seen the lender honors the bonus offer.  If the offer has technically expired it is ALWAYS smart to do a screen print of the offer detail page for back up just in case.  Strange but that’s how it works.  But if I were you and you’ve decided to pick up this card I’d do it before 12/12.  They will probably get it out to you real quick and maybe you can still do some holiday shopping to meet the minimum spend ($5,000 – not great but do-able) Note: This is not one of my affiliate links but I want you always to be aware of the best deals available.  You can always count on that from me.  So be sure to go through this link and not my other links as they are the regular 25,000 offer.


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