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I am a proud stay-at-home Momma with a passion to travel and exploring the world. I love learning about other people groups; their culture, lifestyle, surroundings and what makes them unique. To finance my passion to explore the world, I use miles and points to travel for free. When I say free, I literally mean “free”! Over the years, my passion to travel the world motivated me to become a serious mile and point collector. I’ve learned many ways to earn large amounts of miles & points all without actually traveling. These miles and points have enable my family to experience adventures we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. My goal is always to travel with as little money out of our pocket as possible. Free travel is really possible and I can show you how!

I began blogging back in 2010 because I simply had a desire to share the knowledge I had gained over the years with my friends and family. My hope was to show them how they could also afford to travel the world. In 2011, I decided to go public with my blog. After receiving much interest, I made the decision to expand my blog into a complete resource website.  I began constantly adding new information and resources regularly. The Miles Momma website is meant to be a resource for mile and point collectors and all travelers. I regularly add miles and points deals, credit card offers, travel promotions, and travel industry news to the website.

I truly believe the Miles Momma website stands out in the mile and point blogging world. Miles Momma is geared towards the average person and leisure non-business traveler. As a leisure traveler myself, I look for ways to earn miles/points without actually flying, staying in a hotel, renting a car, etc. Generally, a business traveler earns miles and points as a travel benefit while their company pays for their travel expenses. The Miles Momma website shows ways the average person can amass millions of miles and points through many creative opportunities that don’t involve traveling. If you are just an average person like myself, my site is specifically geared towards you. Business travelers however will find my site helpful as well for earning miles and points from home when you aren’t traveling. You won’t have to sift through many other miles/points blogs to find the deals that you can do. Subscribe to the Miles Momma RSS feed and visit regularly to learn more about the hobby of collecting miles/points from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Assistance
If you need a travel agent, I am an independent home-based agent as well as a mile and point advisor. I can assist you with any and all traditional travel reservations. My travel agent services are free of charge. Learn more about my travel agent service on my site here.  I can offer advice and guidance on how and where to use your miles and points wisely.  You can also read some reviews from past clients.

Faith Case
Owner of Miles Momma
Travel Agent, Miles & Points Consultant, Travel Blogger, World Traveler, Home Educator, and most important Momma

Where did the name Miles Momma come from?
Well, I am first and foremost a Momma. Second, I’m a die hard mile and point collector and always chasing miles. The name Miles Momma just popped into my mind one day years ago!

I have two beautiful energy filled boys. I work at home full time educating them and running Miles Momma. I truly love my job! My children have grown up traveling the world since they were babies. In my opinion, children create a completely different type of travel experience then you can experience traveling as just adults. There are moments and memories you will just never have (good and bad)if you don’t travel with your children.  Children bring so much enjoyment to life! They really do add the spice to the cake; the whipping cream to the sundae; and put the cherry on top. My boys are such incredible little world travelers. Both children began traveling as infants, with their first international trips before the age of 2 (flying free around the world….gotta love it). Our family has had many wonderful moments that have been made traveling around the world together. These wonderful memories clutter my mind often as I’m doing mundane tasks like dishes or laundry. The adventures our little family has had to this point are incredible.  None of these special times together as a family would have happened without my miles and points hobby.

It’s my pleasure to help you achieve your dreams of travel through my website and services. I hope you enjoy the site and acquire much knowledge here. Over the years, I’ve been amazed how many fellow travelers have been willing to share and help me gain the knowledge I have today. My hope is that I can in turn do the same and pay it forward. Thank you very much for visiting. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I would be more than happy to help you achieve your travel goals. You can also stay up-to-date on current offers, deals, and industry news, and where in the world our family is traveling via Miles Momma social media channels.

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