“Boston – Duck Tours, October 2012”

I am a stay-at-home Momma with a passion for travel and exploring the world.  I love learning about other people; their cultures, lifestyles, surroundings and what makes them unique.  To finance my passion to explore the world, I use miles and points to travel for free.  Over the years, my passion to travel motivated me to become a serious mile and point collector. I learned many ways to earn large amounts of miles & points all without actually traveling.  The miles and points I collect afford my family the ability to experience family adventures we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford on a single family income.  My goal is to travel with as little money out of our pocket as possible.  Free is always the best!

I began blogging back in 2010 because I wanted to share this knowledge with all my friends and family.  I wanted to show them how they too could afford to travel the world.  In 2011, I decided to go public with my blog.  After receiving  much interest in 2011, I made the decision to expand my blog into a complete resource website with the blog as just a part of the site.  After hours and hours of work, I launched the Miles Momma site in 2012.  The Miles Momma site is meant to be a resource site for mile and point collectors and travelers.  Miles Momma blog adds daily deals, promotions, and travel industry news for readers.  I believe the Miles Momma blog stands out in the mile and point blogging world as it is geared towards the leisure non-business traveler.  As a leisure traveler myself, I look for ways to earn miles/points without actually flying, staying in a hotel or renting a car. The typical business traveler earns their balances  in a much different ways than the leisure traveler.  Thus, these are the deals I write about.  You won’t have to sift through many other miles/points blogs to find the deals that you can actually do.  Simply stay subscribed to the Miles Momma blog and you’ll have deals feed to you daily that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

“Grand Canyon- May 2011”

Where did the name Miles Momma come from you might wonder.  Well, I am first and foremost a Momma.  Second, I’m a die hard mile and point collector.  So there you go!  I have two beautiful energy filled boys.  I’m home full time with them and love my job!  I homeschool and keep busy with all their sporting and social activities.  I love traveling with my children.  Children make traveling much more fun than you could have ever imagined.  People who don’t enjoy traveling with children have just a different mindset I guess.  They really do add the spice to the cake; the whipping cream to the sundae; and definitely put the cherry on top.  My little boys are such incredible little world travelers.  Both were traveling as infants with their first international trips before the age of 2.  So many wonderful moments that have been made traveling together as a family.  These wonderful memories clutter my mind often as I’m doing dishes or laundry.  The adventures our little family has had so far are incredible and would have not happened without the miles and points I’ve earned over the years.

I hope you enjoy the site and gather much knowledge here.   Over the years, I’ve been amazed how many fellow travelers have been willing to share and help me gain the knowledge I have today.  My hope is that I can in turn do the same and pay it forward. 

Thank you very much for visiting Miles Momma. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals.  You can also stay up-to-date on current offers,deals,and industry news via Miles Momma twitter, facebook, email  (on the home page)

Happy Travels!


P.S.  If you’d like to see more about our family adventures, you can check out my share site: http://milesmommaadventures.shutterfly.com/.  I try to update it with our travels when I can.  Honestly, I don’t write much but I do post our pics.  Too busy managing Miles Momma!

DSCI0754“Rothenburg, Germany – September 2010”




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