Hey Readers!  Did anyone else get in on the $25 FREE AMEX Gift Card deal?  Mine just came in the mail.  What a fun promo from AMEX.  They are really on my “good” list right now!  So now I just need to decide who’s Christmas present to buy with my gift card.  I think you can spend it anywhere.  I can’t imagine they have the card tied to all your local small businesses.  But in good conscience I can’t really give the money to Costco or Best Buy.  So let’s see, who is my favorite local small business.  Hmm!  Well, it’s probably going to be Tom’s Toys, our local small little toy store that I usually don’t shop at because they are so expensive.  A super cute toy store and really fun stuff for the kiddos.  Here I come Tom’s Toys!
Did anyone else get your card?  What are your plans?

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