United Airlines currently is handing out 1,000 free United miles via their partner, bckstgr.com.  
All you need to do is signup (free) and link up your various social media accounts.


BCKSTGR has partnered with MileagePlus, United Airlines’ award-winning loyalty program. Through this relationship, you can sign-up for a BCKSTGR account in a few quick steps, then start earning award miles to redeem for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and items. 
BCKSTGR is a powerful social engagement and customer acquisition platform that enables brands and businesses to reach and reward consumers when they engage in social behaviors that drive business results.  If you have a business you might want to look into using their services to drive traffic and sales to your site.
    1. Select a registration option from the menu below.
    2. Complete all fields (required). Confirm acceptance of BCKSTGR and MileagePlus Terms & Conditions.
    3. After submitting your registration, link your BCKSTGR account with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
    4. Go to “Profile & Preferences” tab. Click and add each social media (Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare) separately by checking appropriate box and then clicking “Save Profile”.
What you receive:
400 UA miles – for signing up with bckstrg.com with your United account.
200 UA miles – for linking Twitter
200 UA miles – for linking Facebook
200 UA miles – for linking FourSquare
You can also redeem award miles on BCKSTGR website for a variety of different cool experiences and trips.  It will display your MileagePlus balance and deducted miles from your United account for any reward you choose.  Some rewards are “BUY IT” while others are “BID“.
NOTE:  You can register with an existing MileagePlus account number or create a new BCKSTGR account and enroll with MileagePlus at the same time.  BCKSTGR will send you a confirmation email with your new United MileagePlus number.
*400 miles posted instantly for signup into my United account.  Other miles for linking show in my BCKSTGR account
but didn’t post instantly for me.  Others have reported that miles posted in a couple days..
UPDATE:  Full 1,000 miles posted 30 minutes after I enrolled and linked accounts
If you don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, or FourSquare account, I would recommend signing up for one just for fun and free miles promotions like these.  They are always happening throughout the here.
If you haven’t linked up with Miles Momma, please let me be your “first” friend or tweet me.  

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I don’t delay on this promotion.  I can’t see any end date but you never know when free miles offers links get pulled down.  Have fun!  Enjoy your free miles.  Remember to get miles for the entire family too!  I signed up my kiddos since they have United frequent flyer accounts.  So only 400 miles for them since they are too young for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.  I could recreate accounts for them but would rather not hassle with it for 600 miles.  I did try to link my FB, Twitter & FourSquare with their account and no luck.




  1. I did the above using your link and even opened an account with Twitter and Foursquare so I could earn more miles. I completed it all yesterday evening and have yet to see any miles posted to my account. Is there anyway of knowing if this offer has expired? I couldn’t find anything that said it was a limited time offer. Thanks!

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